Set for Solstice: Darkness in Daylight

We had almost 13 hours of daylight last Saturday,  the summer solstice. For me who lives in the tropics, it would mean longer hours of depressing weather. Here is why:

While the summer solstice marked the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, it marked the end of ours and the start of our wet season. This will persist until the end of the year.

From June to September we are going to see a lot of rain, cloudy skies, rain, cloudy skies, rain and cloudy skies. Even if it’s daylight, it will be overcast and wet. Sunsets, early or late, are the least of our worries. Because with gray skies and pouring rain, we trudge through knee deep waters, suffer difficult commutes in silence, patiently carry our soggy shoes in our feet, and get sick.

(Artwork of Elizabeth Marks “Pouring Rain” found at Fineart America)

Pouring Rain

Flooded streets in pouring rain

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