Facts About Earth That Are Unbelievable

The Earth is like a house. And a very busy one at that. Its entire operation, were it not natural, must involve complex biological, chemical, physical & mechanical processes.

One of its residents, Man, is given an opportunity to improve Earth house. However, a little bird told me that while he succeeded in areas like bettering the life of his race, this improved life is causing the destruction of Earth house and the other residents.

Rumor also has it that Earth house is in constant threat of a third world war. It hasn’t gotten over the Hiroshima/Nagasaki experience yet and the Environment is quaking in its boots. It seems that Man, despite his improved life, has a perceived scarcity of resources in the house. And this is the source of the conflict most of the time. Earth is sad, because Man is her favorite and he has become an enemy to his own.

Visual.ly posted an infographic of 50 Earth facts that are unbelievable. I just hope this will be enough of a defense against Man’s tinkering and his conflict with his own race.


Earth facts

Partial list. Click Source for the complete list.

Source: http://visual.ly/fifty-unbelievable-facts-about-earth/


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