Freudian Flips: Chasing Dream

When I first experienced a break-up, I was really devastated. I had a very hard time letting go and moving on. In fact, I had to leave our hometown because I felt I wouldn’t be able to heal while we are in the same community. So I decided to relocate to a city so far away from home. While I was there, I enrolled myself in a nursing school and it got me busy.

I finished school after 2 1/2 years. By that time, I had already recovered from the heartbreak despite learning that he had gotten married the year prior. I decided to go home then because I knew I was ready.

During the first few weeks back home, I was very busy rebuilding my life. And despite being home, I never wondered about him even for a single second. That was why I was very surprised when he figured in my dream one night.

In my dream, there was some sort of celebration happening in our town. I had impressions of people gathering on the street watching some sort of a performance or some game. I was there too enjoying the festivities when I happened to look up across the street and came into eye to eye contact with my ex boyfriend. I was stunned at first, but I eventually noticed that he was waving at me and making some sort of gesture like he wanted to talk to me. I didn’t give him a chance, I ran away from there.

I found myself in a hotel and hid in one its rooms. He found me there, right in the room I was in. He knocked on the door asking for me, but I told the person who was with me to deny my presence. He eventually went away.

I found myself back on the street. To my horror, he found me again. And again and again. I would run every time afraid he would hurt me again. He would always give chase each time too. One thing I’ve noticed was that every time he found me, our eyes would meet across a gap like across the street or a throng of people.

At last he found me alone on a dead end street. I had nowhere else to go and had no choice but to face him this time. That was when I noticed that he was wearing a

belly shirt


I was laughing when I woke up. I couldn’t believe the twist.

As for the meaning of the dream, I can only surmise that I was blaming him for the break-up even though the decision came from me. I felt that he should feel guilty and apologize, that’s why he was persistent in seeking me out in MY dream.

The gap between us might have been the literal distance between because he had already migrated to another country by that time. As for the dead end street finale, I think I know that time will come when we will meet again. The dream occurred some 4 or 5 years ago, but we haven’t met again yet.

I can’t offer an explanation for the belly shirt. No it cannot mean that he might be gay because that is like saying Brad Pitt might be gay.

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