Don’t Believe All Positive Book Reviews on Amazon

$5 kindle book review
I always buy books from Amazon in Kindle format to save on shipping. And I really spend time in the ratings and reviews section to find out other people’s thoughts about the book. I primarily read the ones with less than 3 stars ratings, however lengthy, including the comments.

Nevertheless, a numerous 5-star ratings do impress me especially when accompanied by “Verified Amazon Purchase”. I’ve made a purchase once based on these glowing reviews. The book was priced at $9.95 and even as I was skimming through it, I realized I was duped. An unbelievably inferior book (spell laughable) priced at an unbelievably ridiculous amount.

Back then, it was a mystery to me how such a ludicrous book sold at $9.95 could garner such raving reviews. Mystery solved — it was the $5 review!


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